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Saturday, July 14, 2012


How bad it is to become one of his greatest servant in their company?
MAN it already fucked me up!

Is it the Truth or a Tradition ??

Too many days you've been spending your time, your day for this company only to survive. The truth is you have the honor and for us? what do we gain to your company? of course full of sufferings. Indefatigable, discomfort and misery are the only three I can say for now, But I can promise you this to list down all the bitterness and expose everything what I've seen within three fucking years.

Somebody from yesterday says "The truth is the right designation of God". For me to analyze what does this quote really means. First thing, those who don't believe with GOD doesn't have their own and personal conscience, how can fucking tell me if you believe on one thing that doesn't mean anything, doesn't mean anything and it really sucks and that is who you are damn it!

What does a Team Building really means....

Man don't use the term "TEAM BUILDING" If you really don't know what it is... UTANG NA LOOB!!
I would rather have to get a team building with my friends (rats, insects, fucking cockroach and mosquitoes) than to be with the one who ranks a 75% of IQ... Damn so failed. Ang ganda ganda nga ng mga terms mo, hindi naman na aayon sa itsura mo. Ika ng marami eh "Kumilos lamang ng naaayon sa hitsura" taena kung me professional na nakakarinig sayo malamang hinataw ka na sa bil-bil mo gamit ang jungle bolo.

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