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Monday, September 10, 2012

PutangIna Dami nagugutom sa mundo! pa Sosyal Ka pa rin??!!! WTF!!

Putang Ina dami nagugutom sa mundo!

Pa sosyal ka pa rin??!!!


Putang Ina

After all these years. People get flustered over and over again, why people gained their exclusive desire seat. Among the others as if he/she guarantee themselves us a God, they tend to feel like a big boss by doing some personal commands or politically correct term "Personal Interest" under the table. Well man! who the fucking cares?! is this the 11th commandments of God?! saying... "Though shall not steal, because I must get anything I want!" What the hell!! sigurado ka ba taena mo?!. You're too old enough to understand what does the "Professional" stands for.
Anyway, thanks to Mr. Ralf Nader for releasing these kind of thought, “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” Then why are you still there?! dafak!

Many people live in urban area, they look for their food for the day, they'll find dish somewhere like dump or garbage area to feed their children. I think we should focus on these stuff, it's hard to look for meals, to get a normal nutrition, therefore you shouldn't take advantage of your people by asking for your "evil doing!!" oh sorry let me rephrase the word to "favor!" yes!! " A fucking favor". To leave is to die, I'd rather die than to carry my conscience against my buddy.

Once again! please!! please!! please!! Do your job! It's your job and decision to give what they deserve, for the sake of fucking "Professionalism". You MUST be fair all the time, don't be arrogant, YOU'RE NOT A GOD!, learn from your mistake, learn your lessons from where you came from, admit you're wrongdoing, you are not perfect, you are not a successful person, therefore you should give some respect, so you can be, not just a good leader but a sucessful citizen of this fucking earth!

PutangIna Dami nagugutom sa mundo! pa Sosyal Ka pa rin??!!! WTF!!

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