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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Truth Behind Last Supper

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Japanese and Taiwanese food for the their soul

It's japan's hottest food a dead babies, you all can co-operate in eradicating this evil issue. What you're getting to witness here may be a truth. Do not get SCARED! " It's Japan's Hottest Food. In Japan, dead babies or fetuses can be bought at Yen ten thousand to Yen 12000 from hospitals to satisfy the high demand.

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Japanese Fucking Cannibalism

Posible daw po itong makagaling ng asthma and other diseases, pero wala pa pong scientific studies. And pampalakas daw ng?!...(Shet 'Dibale ng mahina na ako). They claim that eating babies or fetuses is a common and accepted practice in China (or Thailand, Japan, Korea, or Israel, etc.)

.....For your info...

Dead babies can be purchased in Taiwan for 70 US dollars for being used as grilled delicacies (Subukan mo tumawad, Lalo na pag sale..).

Quick Trivia:
  • Asian people eat rats
  • Chinese eat Dinosaur Bones Soup
  • New bath salts zombie-drug makes Americans eat each other
  • Real-Life Zombie Eats Face from Victim as He Gets Shot by Cop
  • Brazilian Cannibal Trio Arrested in Sweeney Todd-like case

...and finally
  • Filipinoes eat "Pag-Pag" ...Deym it!

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