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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tugish Takish by Pedicab

Tugish Takish by Pedicab

Tugish Takish by Pedicab

Pedicab Band is composed of Diego Mapa (lead vocals), Jason Caballa (guitars/backing vocals), Raimund Marasigan (keyboards/keytar/backing vocals/synthesizer), Mike Dizon (drums), RA Rivera (visuals/mastering/backing vocals). Their music can be described as garage or indie rock, because of their influence they strive their career on year 2005 as Pedicab. 

Pedicab has released 3 albums as of 2012. The first album was released early in the year 2005 called "Tugish Takish", whatever the meaning of those words, feel free to ask the band to their fan page. The second studio album was entitled as "Shinji ilabas mo na ang helicopter" back in the year of 2008, and the album consist of 12 original filipino songs.

Tugish Takish by Pedicab

Track listing

"Dizzy Boy" - 2:34
"Ang Kailangan" - 3:38
"Dito Tayo Sa Dilim" - 3:00
"Bleached Streaks" - 4:09
"A Stormy Night" - 4:13
"Bukas" - 2:59
"I Want It Now" - 2:13
"Konti Na Lang" - 2:27
"Giving and Receiving" - 3:06
"Sagot Kita" - 1:59
"Dizzy Boy" (Multimedia Track)
"A Stormy Night" (Multimedia Track)

Download here

For their third album "Kaya mo magsando by Pedicab 2012 album, please read more further on this page

"Kaya mo magsando? by Pedicab"

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