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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heart To Heart by Kyla

Heart to Heart by Kyla

Heart To Heart by Kyla

(As requested by Mr. Charles Tumbaga)

In the year 2000, a new R&B and Soul Princess Kyla released her 2nd album. Kyla is one of the most awarded singers here in the Philippines as her music touches everyone's heart.

This album consists of ten original OPM tracks mostly written by a great writer Arnie Mendaros. The song Hanggang ngayon is the fisrt single came out from the album Way to your heart, which is purely written and sung by Filipino dialects.

Just a brief trivia about the album production. All of these tracks were produce by Francis Gueavarra Jr. (Octoarts EMI Production). Except for One More Try which was produced by Raymund Ryan.

Anyway here are the list of album tracks. Just enjoy and if you appreciate it you can leave a feedback or comment below. Thanks ^^

Visit Kyla here for more info..

Heart To Heart by Kyla

01. Heart to Heart
02. I Miss You
03. Old Friend
04. Love On A Two Way Street
05. I'll Never Give Up
06. Stay Awake
07. I'll Be Over You
08. You Make Me Feel (Original)
09. Drive
10. I Can't Tell You Why
11. Tahan Na (Original)
12. Misty Glass Window
13. Bus Stop
14. Back In Time (feat. Jay-R) (Original)
15. Ribbon In The Sky

Bonus Track:
16. My Grown Up Christmas List

Download here

Heart To Heart by Kyla

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  1. Thank you so much Sir Joe for posting this! I can't explain how happy I am with your upload. More power po sa blog ninyo and I'll make sure to check you blog everyday! Surely I'd share this on my sites as well. Thanks again sir!

    Charles :)



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