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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kinse Kalibre by Slapshock

Kinse Kalibre by Slapshock

kinse kalibre

Kinse Kalibre by Slapshock

Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre strikes again featuring their hit single "Ngayon Na" a tagalog song was lead by Jamir of Slapshock sung in Filipino language. Slapshock released their seventh studio album called Kinse Kalibre all original line-up songs written by Jamir Garcia.

The Slapshock Band composed of Jamir Garcia (vocals), Lee Nadela (bass), Lean Ansing (guitars) and Chi Evora (drums). This album consists of 12 rocking tracks, song lists are listed down also there is a download link where you can get the download for free and by just giving some appreciation by creating a short feedback below as a sign of appreciation.

“Kinse Kalibre” Track-listing:

1. Kinse Kalibre Intro
2. Ngayon Na
3. Reset
4. Deliryo
5. Asal Demonyo
6. Burn In Hell
7. In The Line Of Fire
8. Langit
9. Under The Needle
10. Heartless
11. Salamin
12. All Hope Is Gone

Get the album below for free. Also visit to get a legit copy of this album.

Kinse Kalibre by Slapshock

Download Link


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