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Friday, June 12, 2015

"Nairud sa Wabad"

Nairud sa Wabad


NAIRUD SA WABAD is one of the 12 finalists chosen out of 60 bands that auditioned at Patrick Recording Studio for the MINDANAO BAND FESTIVAL SONG WRITING COMPETITION organized by PATRICK THE MUSIC STUDIO & 88.3 ENERGY FM DAVAO. The primary objective of the competition, is to support the music industry in Mindanao, and provide musicians a platform where they can express their art freely ,unobstructed by huge expense expected when getting one's music into the spotlight and fame. To achieve such objective, the registration was FREE. The PRIZES are so generous
that the 12 finalists' entries are PLAYED ON AIR DAILY at 88.3 Energy Fm, and giving at stake a RECORDING CONTRACT at Patrick The Music Studio, for a 12-song ALBUM and 15 thousand cash for the FIRST PRIZE. "IISANG MUSIKA" is composed by ADRIAN CUBILLAS , the guitarist & vocalist of the band. Other band members are SANDINO LIBRES - drummer, KELVIN SOLANA - vocalists, NESTOR CABALLES JR. - bassist. Nairud sa Wabad.

Credits to Ms. Lotlot Seras of YT Uploader

Nairud sa Wabad

Photos credits to their NSW facebook fan page.

Nairud sa Wabad Members:

Guitar/ Vocals - Andrian "Ojie" Cubillas
Guitar/ Vocals - Sandino "Tatot" Libres
Keyboards - Earl Gioielli Laga-ac
Bass - Nestor "Estong" Caballes Jr.
Drums / Cajon - Fidel "Pidol" Vargas

Facebook Page: Nairud sa Wabad
Youtube Videos: Nairud sa Wabad

Nairud sa Wabad Songlists

1. Heart Like a Lion - Rebelution (Cover by Nairud sa Wabad).mp3
2. Naroon - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3
3. One Drop by Bob Marley (cover by Nairud sa Wabad).mp3
4. Oo - Up Dharma Down (Cover by Nairud sa Wabad).mp3
5. Pale Moonlight - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3
6. Pretty Wahine - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3
7. Tabi Po - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3
8. Tadhana - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3
9. Upuan - Nairud Sa Wabad (Cover).mp3  

Credits to YT Uploader
Helen Guy-uyco
Gian Enrique 


Nairud sa Wabad download reggae music 

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