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Friday, July 27, 2012

OPM Music Downloads

Welcome to my OPM Music page. OPM Music is the place or blog for every pinoy music lovers and rising artists to host their music and get exposure. Visitors can have your unlimited download as long as I have complete over 1000 music for free. Original Pilipino Music, now more commonly termed Original Pinoy Music or Original Philippine Music or OPM for short, originally referred only to Philippine rock songs, particularly alternative music, metal, pop, acoustic version, such as those popular after the collapse of its predecessor, the Manila Sound, in the late 1970s, up until the present.

I have listed here the most current music of today's Filipino music, I will be updating it regularly so you can check out my blog every now and then.


  1. Sana ung UP DHARMA DOWN na bagong album din ser! Salamat .. Idol na Idol tong site mo!

  2. Yes Sir Sure basta meron na agad, will post it asap...update ko na lang to after holidays..

    for now enjoy some of local artist and their latest 2012 album before the year ends...

    Happy holidays!!

  3. pa hingi po ng fly black hearts at chicosci (self titled) na album nla phuleeeeeeeaaazzzz!! ^_________^


  4. sir baka may method of breathing kayo ng chicosci at revenge. salamat!

  5. The best pa din mga OPM songs pakinggan lalo na yung mga oldies! :)



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