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Monday, September 3, 2012

Find your Niche

find your niche

Find Your Niche

I'll show you three simple ways to find your niche/idea. First Way To Find Your Niche is YouTube.

1. Go to and at the left side find Trending. Click on Trending and find out what's hot on YouTube. Always when I'm searching for niche on YouTube I'm finding at least one hot trending niche/idea for me. So for example right now I can see that Diablo 3 is pretty hot niche. You can check daily and once you see something that you think will bring you a lot of money, you should start promoting it instantly while it's hot.

2. Second Way is To Find Your Niche is Google. If you can't find your niche on Google then you're brainless. It's really simple, all that you need to do is to go to and search for upcoming movies, find hot movie that's incoming in the next few days and once you got your niche/idea/movie, start promoting it.

3. Third Way is To Find Your Niche is Your Brain. Yeah just use your brain, I'm pretty sure you're not brainless. :D Think what is worth to complete survey. Think what would you complete survey for. Simple as that, for example at the moment I think I would finish survey for Diablo III product key.

Examples of saturated niches:
- Facebook Password Hack.
- Hotmail Password Hack.
- Yahoo Password Hack.

Examples of HOT niches:
- Diablo III product keys.
- Halo 4 Crack/Keys.
- Think with your brain.

So that's from me, as you can see it's pretty easy to find your niche/idea. Next thing that you'll need to do to monetize is to get some traffic to your niches.

To get more info you can download below the attached PDF and you can find out there how you can get your niche effectively. Just leave a comment suggestion at the comment section so I can give you more about how you find your niche.

Find Your Niche

Download here:

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